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French Beer A Day: Saint Omer

Something I only found on Tap while visiting Avignon, France. Saint Omer:  5%abv Cold, the French just don’t seem to care. A lager-type beer, I say this as it looks, smells and tastes just like a lager shouldn’t.  I may … Continue reading

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Geneva-Open Minded

This trip began as most others do, via flight.  The only difference this time was that I was sitting in the cockpit for take-off and landing.  Throughout this flight there was the calm and collected veteran captain seated next to … Continue reading

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Kolsch: The Beer That Rebuilt Cologne

Hallo again, back from a recent trip across the border into German territory.  Cologne (Koln in German) is a city known for its WWII history, The Rhein and of course it’s ability to produce Kölsch Beer.  Germans, as much as … Continue reading

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Stella Artois: Access Denied

A 30-minute train ride takes you to the Flemish city of Leuven, home to Stella Artois brewing and it’s parent company InBev. On arrival you can catch the sweet smell of Wert working it’s magic on the young, nubile beer. … Continue reading

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