My Last TRUE Belgian: Brasserie de Cazeau Tournay de Noël

Sad, but true.  This is the last of three beers purchased at Brasserie de Cazeau, packed in my own luggage and brought the 4000 mile journey to be enjoyed in the company of my brother.

Tournay de Noël

Tournay de Noël:  8.5%abv  Suggested serving temperature +/-10C  50F.

I was going to enjoy this beer no matter what it tasted like.  Poured from a large 75CL bottle it gained a large, thick tan head that was dense and held a good lace.  Extremely dark in color-almost coffee like.  Tones of roasted malt, yeast and a wonderful sweetness fill the nose.  All these complex aromas are equally present in the flavor of the beer.  Added are tones of coffee and chocolate, but not so much as a porter might have.  As most Noël beers, this one has a very faint spiciness to it, like spiced wine.  Maybe I am partial to this beer for all the trouble I went through getting it back to the states, but it is and was a fine beer and really exemplified what a Belgian Dark Ale is supposed to be.

After draining the very last drop of truly imported beer(I like to think it was the only one in the states, probably again for all the “trouble” I went through to obtain it)  all I want to do is return to Belgium and pack my bags solely with unpasteurized/unfiltered liquid gold.  In all reality I probably should not have drunk the damn thing.  Well, until next time…

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