500km For Two Beers (Part II)

I really did take the ridiculously long route to Wesvleteren and only ended up drinking two beers on the premises and was unable to purchase anything to take away.  I also had a plan to stop at an additional brewery on the way back, I couldn’t go all that way and not have a backup plan.

Archway to Brasserie de Cazeau

Stop number two:  Brasserie de Cazeau; Templeuve, Belgium.  I was first introduced to this brewery in Brussels at a bar called Moeder Lambic, one that provides 47 beers on tap at any given time.  Luckily I had a GPS and the correct address, because when it told me too take a turn through a field of Brussels Sprouts I was quite skeptical.  After winding through fields of corn and sprouts on, basically, one-lane roads for about 10 minutes I was getting very worried I had done something wrong.  Being resilient I wandered on and eventually came to a very old farm building with the correct address, as well as a sign reading Brasserie de Cazeau, I made it.  My contact here had told me they would be brewing beer this day and that I would be able to purchase their beer freely on arrival.  I guess I was expecting something different -I always tend to do so.  Entering the farm I walk through a small driveway arch and into a large courtyard.  Slightly confused I search for anything that resembles a brewery- then hear the sounds of water being added to large vats and notice a large stack of bottle cases, bags of half-opened barley and various stainless steel apparatus.  I must be in the right place.  There is a set of steps that lead into a room with large wooden and stainless brewing vats, I enter, as I still have not seen anyone.  Following the sounds of work noises I happen upon a man in knee-high rubber boots standing on a ladder with a hose in hand filling one of another group of large vats.  This must be my man.  Laurent is his name and he disrupts his work to assist me in procuring some of his product.  I ask him a few questions and he replies quite honestly.  I then ask how the purchasing works, as I fear there may be a minimum purchase.  There is not.  Quickly I determine he has three beers available and that I should probably just go for all of them.  After a few minute wait he emerges with a cardboard box holding six-75cl bottles-two of each kind available at the moment.  There is another, the one I had in Brussels, but it is only brewed in the spring with the emergence of the elderberry flower-something that makes a large presence in the beer.  For today I walk away with the Cazeau Tournay Blonde, Cazeau Tournay Noire and Cazeau Tournay de Noël.  Tournay being the closest large village to the brewery and Cazeau being the street it is brewed on.

As of yet this moment the blonde is the only beer I have tried.

Noire, Blonde, Noël

Cazeau Tournay Blonde: 6.7%abv  Suggested serving temperature 8-10C 46-50F.

Poured from a 75cl bottle and shared with a few friends I had not seen for a while.  Color is a dark, opaque golden.  Thick looking body and a slight foamy head rests on the beer.  Aromas of malt and hops.  Tasting reveals the thick body as well as a natural sweetness.  Tones of yeast and a slight bitterness from the hops.  It is a beer that is definitely worth trying and sharing with those who don’t get to experience beer like this-unpasteurized and unfiltered.  Will update you on the others when possible.


Beersofeurope has gone to the US and will be reviewing some of the local beers here once back online-a small hiatus is needed to arrange a few things

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