Beer A Day: Mort Subite Gueuze

Yes, “Sudden Death” is the translation of this brewer, and I always feel kind of special when there is a beer with a cork in it.

Wild, man.

Mort Subite Gueuze:  4.5%abv  Suggested Drinking temperature 2-4C  35-37F.

Gueuze, in name and style is a unique blend of young( 1 year-old) and old (2-3 year-old) Lambics.  Because the younger beer has not had time to fully ferment there are unique sugars available for the second fermentation process to take place.  Another unique step in brewing for these beers is the aged hopping, which does not yield the traditional hop flavor and smell as a regular beer.  And, lastly, there is the fact that these beers depend on “spontaneous fermentation”, where “…the unfermented wort is allowed to be colonized by microorganisms present in the environment.”-wikipedia

Most of these beers are bottled in champagne-like bottles with a massive beer cork.  It gives it a more rustic feel for me.  Gueuze, in particular, are renowned for the sour, musty flavors and aromas, due to the spontaneous fermentation process-it literally has wild animals growing in it.  This beer poured quite thin and there was a delayed thin, white head on top that dissipated almost immediately.  There is a compact, almost champagne-like, carbonation to it.  Flavors are sweet and musty at the same time.  Definitely a bit sour, cider like in a way.  Gives me a bit of dry mouth as well as a chalky-feel on the backs of my teeth, (wild yeasts clinging on for dear life?)  It is worth a go if you are an adventurous beer drinker.  I myself will stick with the malty, hoppy, yeasty beverages minus the fruit-especially after this week.  Still one or two more of these sweet things to review then back to a normal diet of beer-beer.  Oh yeah, so Mort Subiteis a subsidiary of Brouwerij De Keersmaker, makers of nothing but sweet lambics.


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