Beer A Day: Lindemans Pecheresse


Lambic fever.

Pecheresse:  2.5%abv  Suggested serving temperature 2-3C  35-37F.

Only just now did I notice the insanely low alcohol content.  I suppose this beer is packaged quite elaborately for its flavors as opposed to a tool for becoming intoxicated.  Additionally it was corked in the small 37.5cl bottle-a first for me.  Pours a deep golden color that is quite opaque.  Kind of a peaches and cream aroma to it.  The carbonation is quite compact and leaves a very soft white foam afloat the beer.  It is another of the favorite Lambic-styled beers-spontaneous fermentation, remember.  It is quite sweet, overwhelmingly peachy and also quite smooth with a slight acidic edge at the end of each sip as well as there being a musty/natural taste-almost cork-like.

May have to ask someone on whether this is something that children are introduced to at a younger age to get a feel for alcohol…Again it is a quite refreshing beer for a warm afternoon, although the sweetness may cause me to share this bottle with someone in the future, should I try it again.

So, Lindemans is a brewery that specializes in Lambic-fruit beer and Geuze, a specialty of Brussels.  Look for it later in the week.

Do enjoy some beer while you wait.


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