Beer A Day: La Chouffe

The elves at Brasserie many a fine beer.

La Chouffe

La Chouffe:  8%abv  Suggested serving temperature 4-10C  39-50F.

A beer with much character and a cult following, due to its gnome-like mascot, La Chouffe, is the trademark beer from this not so ancient brewery-founded 1982.  Located in The Ardennes, the wooded south-east region of Belgium, it is a beer characteristic of its inhabitants.  Complex flavors of sweet fruit, spiciness of coriander and a rather thick, densely carbonated body make this beer quite unique in the family of Belgian blondes.  A particular maltiness is apparent in the aroma.  A small, dense, white head sticks on top of the beer throughout, leaving light lacing on the glass.  Appearance is the color of an unfiltered apple juice, a slightly opaque dark golden color.  It is a raw beer, one that can be found on tap as well, I have been told.  This one is a beer exported happily by the Belgian brewers, representing themselves throughout the globe as a world-class brewery.  I have to agree on this as well, it is a delectable beer, one to be savored-although they do sell it in a 75cl bottle.  Despite the somewhat cartoonish label this beer exceeds all expectations.  Tomorrow I review its dark sister Mc Chouffe-“Scotch of the Ardennes”-they say….


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