Beer A Day: Bush Ambree 12%!!!

So, this beer claims to be “The Strongest Belgian Beer”.  I guess I have to taste for myself.


Bush Ambree: 12%abv Suggested serving temperature ??? I tasted just above fridge temp.

Below is a direct quote from the Brasserie Dubuisson website-indicating the process and history of the beer:

“Created in 1933 under the “Bush Beer” trademark, it is … the flagship of the Brasserie Dubuisson.  Bush Ambrée is a filtered, high fermentation beer. It is exclusively made from malt, hops, natural sugar, water drawn from the brewery’s basement and exclusive yeast jealously preserved for 65 years.

The use of caramel malt, the know-how and the patience of the master brewer (4 to 6 weeks storage) give it, in addition to its characteristic amber colour, a particularly well brought-out bitter-sweet flavour and a smooth consistency.
The high density of the wort combined with the valiant work of the company’s own yeasts give it an alcohol content of 12%, making it the strongest Belgian beer.”

I find it necessary to include such information when a company claims to be the best, biggest or strongest, in this case.  I also find that the explanation given here is a bit lacking in detail-watered down, if you will.

On to it then.  Looking inquisitively at the 33cl/12oz. bottle to see if there is anything extraordinary about the liquid inside, I see that it looks like a highly processed/filtered beverage-little to no sediment.  Poured into a glass it shows no signs of being anything other than an amber-which is a good thing for Belgian beers.  It is quite translucent and has a light, sticky off-white head.  Aromas are a slight concern as the only thing I can really sense is a bit of tininess/bottle flavor?  It tastes much heavier, almost darker than it shows to be.  Heavy bodied.  Malty, definitely an amber, a bit sweet and slightly spicy-delayed creamy texture as the carbonation is quite dense.  Thar be alcohol in that there beer-lingering…the buzz will most probably creep up on you. (I am only part of the way through and feel the buzz-this is real folks, just don’t let the winos know about it.)




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