Beer A Day: Verboden Vrucht/Fruit Defendu

A distinctly different beer than the other Hoegaarden styles.

Fall of man? I think not.

Verboden Frucht/Fruit Defendu:  8.5%abv  Suggested serving temperature 5-6C 41-43F.

Being a random grab at the grocery store I was unaware that it was a Hoegaarden  label-meaning InBev.  I also assumed it was a fruity type of beer-“assumption is the mother of all….” you know the rest.  Having the availability of the proper glass was helpful in this instance.  I was able to pour it as I felt necessary and release all the sediment-and I do mean all.  This beer pours a very dark rusty color with an absolute opaqueness.  Only a minute off-white head is noticed-that stays throughout consumption.  Aromas of sweet yeast and heavy malts are dominant.  Again, with the assumption of a fruity beer I was quite taken a back by my first sip.  My palate was clean and my mind-set on sweetness-how wrong this initially was.  A very spicy-carbonated, dense beer it is.  There are tones of sweetness but it is not overly so.  I was expecting cider type flavors upon first glance, but instead received more of date-type flavor, earthy.  There are hints of spices and a slight bitter-tininess in the after taste.  Far different from anything I expected-surprisingly, in a blind taste test, I would not have thought of it as your average InBev, uber-processed, beer look-alike.  A decent product form an indecent company-go figure.


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