Beer A Day: Grimbergen Dubbel

Struggled to get myself a beer today….Another “abbey-styled” Belgian it is.

Grimbergen Dubbel

Grimbergen Dubbel

Grimbergen Dubbel:  6.5%abv  Suggested serving temperature 12-14C 53-57F.

Having started this journey with the Grimbergen Blonde it was just a matter of time getting to one of its brethren.  This beer is far different in every aspect from that of the blonde.  I also imagine that having done this for over a month now that my writing style as well as my taste for our favorite beverage has changed.

So the Belgian dubbel is usually a beer rich in malt and a bit spicy on the palate, and for this beer this much is true.  It is a dark caramel color with only a slight off-white head-very thin.  Smells of malt and a mild yeastiness.  To me it is not so much the flavors but the texture of the beer that is impressive.  A dense carbonation and particular spice float on the tongue-yet leave you refreshed by each sip.  Tones of bitter hops and a bit of metallic/tinny flavor from the hops as well-nothing overbearing.  Particularly smooth on the way down with a slight sweetness to top off each swig.  Nothing outstanding, it is a heavily processed beer and could only benefit from a more rustic approach to its brewing-other than it is another product by the Belgian brewer Alken-Maes.


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