Beer A Day: Leffe Blonde

Pronounced lef-it is one of the mostly widely marketed “Abbey” beers throughout all of Belgium and parts of Europe.

Leffe Blonde

Leffe Blonde:  6.6%abv Suggested serving temperature 5C 41F.

As stated in the previous review of Leffe Brune, this beer is owned and produced by brewing giant InBev.  As you can see I have gone with the tap version of this beer, I find that beer like this is more pure from the tap.  A lot of beer enthusiasts steer clear of this one solely on the fact that it is produced by InBev, the recipe HAS changed and that it actually is not produced in an abbey.  I however find that at certain times, i.e. waiting for a train, slight hunger, or just a nice afternoon on a pubs patio, this beer does me just fine.  Of course you can find other options but when you don’t have a menu you are sure to be able to order a Leffe and get one.  As far as the beer goes; the head is quite a light, airy foam that dissipates rather quickly, with little remaining.  Aromas of sweet yeast and a slight fruity tinge are prevalent.  Tasted you get a jolt from the dense carbonation and the spiciness, it is refreshing.  Fruity and sweet are the main tastes in this beer although it is heavier than other blondes-perhaps the malt.  Anyway, standard Belgian it may be but it will do in most occassions-nothing special but easily drinkable.


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