Beer A Day: Florival Blonde

Another random choice from the supermarket.

Florival Blonde-grocer beer has been purchased.

Florival Blonde:  7%abv  Suggested serving temperature 4C 40F.

Like I said, a random choice.  One that happens to bear the mark of a large supermarket chain on its label.  Funny, eh?  So, it is this supermarket chain that contracts Brouwerij Affligem, brewers of abbey-style beers, to brew a line especially for them, one that goes so far as to include a Christmas beer-how American of them.  I find this strange and can now attribute my puzzlement as to where I might have had this beer before.  Upon first sip it seemed very familiar to me.  Could it be that they use a standard recipe for their blonde beer?  Anyway, to the notes.  I drank this beer while working on the house.  No glass needed, straight from the bottle it was.  I noticed the sediment floating after I opened the room temperature beer, nothing unusual.  I was immediately greeted by tones of sweet fruit and malt, as well as  something I couldn’t put my tongue on until part way through; the overwhelming taste of bananas and vanilla.  It is a lightly carbonated beer that, for having sounded so negative earlier, is not the worst you can get-trust me, if you ever happen upon a chain of stores in France called ED, do not purchase something claiming to be beer with the name Mac Barlay.

Think positive, it could always be worse.  I drank it, so I must report it, except in the case of Mac Barely- it warrants no further discussion.


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