Beer A Day: Maredsous Brune 8

Abbey beer, yes.  Also produce cheese, yes.  A beer originally brewed by the monks of Maredsous Abbey now brewed by Duvel Moortgat.

Maredsous 8.

Maredsous Brune 8:  8%abv  Suggested serving temperature 6-10C 43-50F.

Having previously reviewed the Maredsous Triple 10, I have decided this time to go for the Brune.  It is a far different beer than that of its brethren.  Little to smell at first investigation.  Yet on appearance, after being poured, it is a dark, rich caramel color.  With a soft brown head similar to a cola it is quite bubbly yet light, not very thick.  This beer pours to the top of provided glass-and some.  Flavors of caramel and roasted/smokey barley are assisted by a slight spiciness that attacks the tongue with vigor.  A bite of bitterness lingers after swallowing.  Each sip-or gulp in this case-seems lighter than the last, a trick that the carbonation may be playing on the palate.  Knowing beforehand that this beer is often served with cheese is a big selling point for me, thought this time I was given peanuts instead.  It is definitely a beer for a savory meal of meat and cheese.  It warms the stomach while also leaving you with less hunger after consumption.  Not a bad autumn afternoon beer.  Stay tuned for the Maredsous Blonde 6.


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