Beer A Day: Brugge Zot

As I wandered the streets of Brugge, Belgium for a day I suddenly smelled the aroma of the beer brewing process, to be exact it was the worting process.  My mind raced to find an answer, but my nose prevailed by leading me the De Halve Maan brewery.  Located in the Flemish part of the country this architecturally pleasing and historically relevant small city still has its own independent brewery.

Again, In Brugge.

Brugse Zot:  6%abv Recommended serving temperature 4C 40F.

Considered a Belgian Pale Ale, this beer served from the tap is quite appetizing.   It is amazing what one can happen upon in such a small country.  For me it has paid to be naive in this small journey.  While there were many people waiting for a tour of the small, family run brewery I was expedient in my decision-making, I ordered their best-selling and had a seat.  Sitting on top of this unfiltered on-tap pale ale is a light, frothy head.  An aroma of hops prevails on sniff test.  As far as flavors go it is abundant in hops and quite spicy on the palate.  I have to say it was a well-chilled beer, which made the experience that much better.  I was happy with the outcome, for a small brewer and a beer that has only existed as of recent, as far as beer recipes go, it is quite alright. Talk a walk, leave the senses available and you never know what might happen.

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