Beer A Day: Brugge Tripel

Having recently visited Brugge, Belgium why not try its namesake in beer.  The city is one of architecture, canals and embellished cathedrals.  One not to miss whilst visiting Belgium.

In Brugge.

Brugge Tripel:  8.7%abv (when bottle conditioned) 8.5% tap.  Suggested serving temperature 7-10C 45-50F.

Classic, ornate bottles often exist because what is in them is lacking in selling points.  I would not go so far as to say this about the Brugge Tripel, but it is lacking in true triple/tripel form.  I was unable to use a glass for this one and thus may have not been able to get all that was available from the beer.  There are tones of fruit and yeast in the aroma.  A slight spiciness and fruit flavor is followed by a fairly dry palate once swallowed, low carbonation.  Having such a high alcohol content I am able to taste this throughout the life of the beer-not overwhelming but a constant reminder.  Being brewed by one of the bigger independent brewers, Palm, it isn’t surprising that this beer is just average-as I find most Palm beers.  With all due respect it is still a Belgian beer and it has the right to represent itself as one.


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