Beer Fest Beer A Day: Wittekerke

So this was my last beer and was fairly cheap compared to the rest.  Coming from an unknown brewery for me as well.


Wittekerke:  5%abv  Cold?

It is a Witebier, or wheat, in theory.  Having been poured from the tap into a beer flute type of glass, feminine?  I was able to discern that it had the color and look of pineapple juice.  Ok so there is a fair amount of thick, foamy head on this beer.  No real nose to it what so ever, maybe a slight maltiness?  Like I said the color/consistency of the beer is that of thick fruit juice.  As far as flavor goes, I think they forgot to add some.  Really, for a wheat-styled beer I was expecting at least a refreshing sweetness to it-there was none.  I was shocked at this, look at the picture, it seems rich in color and body.  I guess brewing a beer around 5% forces you to hold back something.  Having looked at the massive list of beers Brouwerij Bavik has; there are 22, I guess they can’t all be gems.  And this one is by far the ‘rough’ that diamonds are sometime found in. For a refreshing mid-afternoon drink I might prefer a lemonade to this, may be harsh but at least that would be refreshing.

Tomorrow:  Back to regular programming, my liver was done after this one on Sunday so now we get back  into the swing of things.  I know I promised a post on the festival weekend, I am trying to finalize some information for you, thanks for your patience.  Happy drinking.


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