Beer Fest Beer A Day: Hopus

As the name indicates it is a fairly hop infused beer.

The Hopus.

Hopus:  8.5%abv  Suggested serving temperature 4-7C 40-45F.

So this one deviates from the previously consumed on this day because it is a Belgian IPA.  I had seen the unique glass around the festival and was attracted to the name first and then the vessel.  Brewed by Brasserie Lefèbvre SA and being sold alongside Barbar Blonde I was not quite sure what to expect.  Obviously different from its honey-blonde cousin, the Hopus has quite a reputation amongst Belgian IPA’s, as there are not many worth your time.  Once ordered the beer is poured from its ‘Grolsch-style’ pop-top bottle into a tall, snifter-like glass by a very happy, possibly buzzed, representative of the brewer.  An amazing amount of head accumulates with this one.  Being heavily carbonated the head dissipates leaving a cloudy, dark golden-colored beer.  Immediate aromas of citrusy hops and sweet fruit/banana.  The taste is much mellower than your average pale ale.  I would not put this in the realm of an American Pale Ale as the hops are not the most dominating-as with most APA’s and EPA’s.  It is a good deviation from the norm in Belgian brewing and has a cult following for a good reason.

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