Beer Fest Beer A Day: Moinette Blonde

Without intentionally doing so I seem to have stuck to similar beers this day.

Another beautiful blond.

Moinette Blond:  8.5%  Suggested serving temperature 4-7C 40-45F.

Well into the day this beer is only a slight deviation from that of the previous blondes consumed.  In no way is Belgium only filled with beers like this, I just seem to be attracted to the various blonde styles within the brewing culture here.  Considered a “Belgian Strong Pale Ale” it is a beer with tones of hops as well as, the almost standard, wheatiness to it.  It is a cloudy golden color and the head is rich and meringue like.  I should mention that this beer was from tap-as were most of the previous reviewed from this day.  A particular process of pouring beers like this takes years to master for these servers-proper head to liquid ratios are strictly followed.  This is considered a world-class beer by many enthusiasts throughout the beer drinking community.  I would have to agree.  Complex flavors are able to mask most hints of alcohol-citrus, maltiness and spiciness all seem to work together to create a beer that is far supreme than most in its class.  Moinette Blond is only one of nearly 15 beers produced by Brasserie Dupont.  They have continued to pour their passion for beer into this product and it shows-and tastes-like a labor of love.


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