Beer Fest Beer A Day: Gouden Carolus Tripel

Brewer Het Anker produces 14 beers with a seal of approval from the “Belgian Family Brewers“.  A non-profit group of 15 breweries who have made beer for at least 50 years each.

No explanation needed.

Gouden Carolus Tripel:  9%abv Suggested serving Temperature 7-8C 44-46F.

By now you must be wondering how I went about tasting so many different beers at once and am able to write about it this much later.  I actually take notes while consuming each beer.  Whether it is a quick reminder on look, taste, smell or even initial reaction.  As I look back on the script for this one I can clearly see I was enjoying myself.  Having been served a perfectly poured Carolus (with a smile)-just look at that head-I was impressed at first by the slightly dark-colored, opaqueness in the beer claiming to be a tripel.  There is a distinct hopiness to this beer-associated with the addition of “Exclusively Belgian Hops”.  Apart from the hops a light, sweet malt flavor sits on the palate to produce quite a pleasant over all taste, not too heavy, yet bold and absolutely 9%abv.  Here the notes stop.  I am strictly on my own now, and remembering that each beer I tasted was pleasing my taste buds more and more.  Obviously the alcohol content has added up but my choices are not just random in that I was not looking for something so drastic from the previous beer to completely distort my palate.  As said before I have acquired a taste for beers like this one and maybe it is that I find it hard to be critical of them but this beer works.


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