Beer Fest Beer A Day: St. Feuillien Blonde

A beer with as much a reputation as any in the Belgian industry.  “Once a real connoisseur has tasted St-Feuillien he knows right away that it will always be his favorite.”-St.Feuillien

Curvy Blonde

St. Feuillien Blonde:  7.5%abv  Suggested serving temperature 4-6C 40-43F.

Beer number two for the day-Sunday-and I am looking for a Blonde beer to show up the last-Barbar.  Poured from the tap, as most beers on display are at the festival, it pours a pale gold color with a soft, frothy head that holds throughout the beer.  Aromas of fruit, vanilla and sweet yeast.  A particular kind of malty-heaviness that lasts on the palate-not a bad thing.  Followed by a spicy/yeastiness this beer has a good feel to it.  I’m liking this one, it is what a good Belgian blonde should be.  Producing somewhere between 15 and 37 beers with four different labels, depending on the season, St. Feuillien’s brewery continues to put the effort into their original beers.  A mild buzz at this point I am ready to move on to something different, what shall I choose?


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