Beer Fest Beer A Day: Barbar Blonde

Not gonna lie, after Friday night I was in no mood for beer on Saturday-at least not in quantity.

Barbar(ian) Beer

Barbãr:  8%abv Suggested serving temperature 5c 41F.

It is Sunday afternoon and I am at Weekend of Beer 2011 Brussels, Belgium.  It is 11am, sunny and a great day for trying new things.  Barbãr is one of those new things.  A beer made with the addition of honey and maybe styled after the viking drink called mid (mead).  It is a blonde beer served from the tap into a small (25cl) mug.  I am intrigued by the cloudy nature of the beer with a medium bodied, foamy head.  It really did not have any overwhelming aromas, possibly a slight maltiness.  As stated before, the beer was quite opaque and golden in color.  There is a very mild hint of honey on the tongue as it is first introduced to the palate.  It is light.  I look for any lingering flavors or even something remotely unique, but do not find it.  A blonde beer it is.  It is shocking to me that this beer holds a potency of 8%abv, as it is smooth, although it does have a bit bolder body to it than other blondes.  As I take my place standing at one of the many small tables for socializing, I “cheers” my neighbors and begin conversing.  They are a Romanian family living in Brussels.  It does not surprise me very much as Brussels, the capital of Europe, is a very international city.  Between the three of them they share a Leffe Blonde and a Val-Dieu Blonde.  It is the nature of the festival to share your beers and suggested that the members in your party do not try the same beer as you could easily ration out those you have.  We talk about beer and life in Europe.  Without thought I finish my beer and bid farewell to my new acquaintances-one of many in this day.  I feel warm after having the beer and it is a testament to its alcohol content.  One of a weeks worth of beers I will be sharing with you stories about the weekend as well as a beer a day.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Nima says:

    wowzah, thanks!

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