Beer A Day: Val-Dieu Triple

Ah, what a relief from last weeks, shall we say, “vacation” from Belgian beer.

Val-Dieu Triple and... Barley?

Val-Dieu Triple:  9%abv Suggested serving temperature 12-14C 53-57F.

Another of the fine Abbey beers available in Belgium.  Lucky enough to be found on tap as well, as was this tasting.  Let me start by saying being in Brussels, not only the capital of Belgium but the whole of Europe AND Belgian beer, is a bit overwhelming.  Today I visited one of the best known beer bars in town.  46-types of beer on tap, not all are Belgian but the vast majority are.  I could ramble on for thousands of words about this place, and will at a later time.

Back to the beer.  The picture shows how good that head is, great density and compact bubble groupings made a viscous, almost creamy topping to the beer.  As far as color and body it is spot on with a rich, almost soft/cloudy gold.  Aromas of sweet hops, malt and a slight intrigue of alcohol.  On first taste there is a slight bite/spiciness from the carbonation and alcohol combination, it makes it a complex “bouquet” of flavors, as the true beer connoisseurs say.  Good beer.  I am trying to get the lingo down as I go.  When brought to the table the server explained that to accompany the beer, and I noticed all tables had the same, was a small bowl of roasted barley, “what the beer is made out of”, the server said.  I could not help but feel sort of farm animal like upon trying this but when in Brussels…

Brasserie de L’Abbaye du Val-Dieu produces a total of 11 beers.  Many of which are regarded as some of the best around, I hope to delve into the others in the near future.

Overall I am happy to be back in the land of beer.  In particular this was a great welcome back as well and I look forward to reviewing a few pubs, brew-houses and breweries while in Brussels.


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