French Beer A Day: Saint Omer

Something I only found on Tap while visiting Avignon, France.

St. Omer-where's the head?

Saint Omer:  5%abv Cold, the French just don’t seem to care.

A lager-type beer, I say this as it looks, smells and tastes just like a lager shouldn’t.  I may be a bit cruel with this description but…Anyway it was a decent sipping beer to go along with a meal at lunch-time.  Standard light-blonde look with plenty of carbonation and little head.  Obviously from the tap it is probably a better representation than that of the bottled version.  Everything about it was mediocre if not less, but having tasted the worst beer I have ever had earlier in the day-it is not even worth a bad review- I can not go so far as to say I would not order a Saint Omer if it were the only beer available.  This beer is produced in Northern France-unfortunately it did not contagiously catch, from its nearby Belgium brethren, the correct process or ingredients to make a great beer.  Brasserie De Saint Omer does produce a line of four beers ranging from this pale lager to something they call a Belgian Pale Ale.  More of an insult to Belgian beers if you ask me.  Anyway if you find yourself in a quandary for beer on tap, pression, it is cheap and will wet the whistle as needed.

This concludes our French Beer A Day week-thanks for tuning in.  Back to normal form with Belgian beers next week.  I am currently in Brussels and happen to be visiting during the Belgian Beer  I am very excited as to what may be in store for the weekend.  It happens to coincide with my 30th birth celebration so maybe I should shoot for 30 different beers throughout the four-day celebration….will keep you up to date on the beer count.  Also if you ever visit Brussels you MUST visit the Delirium Cafe.  The menu for beer, as that is all they serve, is the size of a small phone book.  Beers on-tap, by bottle 33cl and 75cl!!!  So those big bottles of Chimay with the cork in them are readily available but you won’t find many people drinking the normal Belgian beers here-go out of your way to find a beer you have never heard of-not hard as there are well over 2000 types available.  Bottoms up.

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