French Beer A Day: Pelforth Brune

A more commercial beer available in the brown and blonde versions.  Although owned by Heineken it is one of France’s best-selling regular beers.

Pelforth Brune

Pelforth Brune:  6.5%abv Cold.

I had had the blonde and when I saw this on the menu I went for it.  Served in a small 25cl bottle, there is not much there.  When poured in to accompanied glass there is a medium-foam, sandy colored head that slowly dissipates and stays with the beer throughout.  It is a true amber color once poured yet has a certain clarity to it-refined.  Smells of sweet yeast and malt.  Light yet flavorful it is something that is quite quenching in the right moment.  Not your typical brown ale in the sense that the flavor does not stick to your palate for very long.  This was a much-needed surprise from the previously reviewed beers of France.

Pelforth is a French brewery founded in 1914 in Mons-en-Barœul by three Lillois brewers. It was originally called Pelican, after a dance popular at the time. Production was stopped during World War II, restarting in 1950. The brewery name was changed in 1972 to Pelforth. It was bought by Français de Brasserie in 1986, which was acquired by Heineken International in 1988.Wikipedia

It isn’t often that small beer brewers are able to stay a float for so long without being conglomerated by the big time competitors.  Although a Heineken brand it does not take away from the fact that it is a decent, well-rounded beer, compared to those that called themselves beer in the first place…


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2 Responses to French Beer A Day: Pelforth Brune

  1. slaven says:

    OMG!!!! I remember this… this is a killer one, man! I have a suggestion: get some real beers from Bretagne like Telenn Du or Duchesse Anne, Briit, Coreff…

  2. I will look into those beers. I was limited to a small region of France so I would assume there are many more to choose from than those I have seen. In fact there is a French beer exhibition this weekend at a bar in Brussels and I will be making a post on them. Thanks for the comment.

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