French Beer A Day: Ratz Artisanale Ambree

Another of the Artisanale French beers from Ratz Brewing; named after an ex-rugby player turned brewer.  Found in the neighboring region to Aveyron: Cahors, Lot.

Fancy label, simple beer.

Ratz Ambrée:  5%abv again, no instructions on temperature but preferred cold.

I tried this beer at a little sandwich shop in the town of Najac.  Famous for its 13th century Chateau built by Alphonse de Poitiers, brother of Saint Louis.  It was a very warm day with little for shade other than sitting under the umbrellas of said eatery.  Having ordered a sandwich and feeling parched I went for the first Amber type beer I have seen in a while.  Although quite ornate in its packaging and promising by look, I was once again duped into a beer with little or no follow through on its look and smell.  I poured it into a beer flute type of glass and watched as a beer with the color of a rich, golden amber had the consistency of water.  NO HEAD whatsoever.  Not a good sign.  So I once again suffered through a mediocre beer knowing that I should have ordered the wine.  Oh well, I’m back in Belgium enjoying a few Jupiler’s.  Don’t worry I will have a better beer for you all tomorrow.  Happy drinking…


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