French Beer A Day: Beer La Blaque and Tales From the South of France…

So I have just returned from a week in the French region of Aveyron.  Famous for its rolling hills, farm land, medieval history (castles and stuff)-but definitely not for its beer.  We stayed in a 19th century home-made of the basics-rock and wood.  Surrounded by small, ancient villages perched atop large hills with old churches (ringing their bells not according to any one time in particular), castles and forts dating as far back as the 11th century.  All in all a good respite from the Belgian weather consisting of either cold rainy days or hot, unbearably humid days, while hot and dry (for the most part) this is where holiday goers travel to forget the city and modern-day life-Aveyron is a place where time slows to a halt in one context, yet has teenagers talking readily on their cellphones while riding in tractors.

Castle,check. Roman-arch viaduct, check. Medieval town, indeed.

Quaint village in the Aveyron

The true reason for a visit to Millau-World's Tallest Bridge

Continuing the spirit of the blog I set out on a difficult journey for GOOD local, Artisinale, beer.

Thus, this week will be themed French Beer A Day Week.

La Blaque

Beer La Blaque:  5%abv I consumed it quite cold.

Here is a beer produced in the city of Millau, pronounced me-yaoo-yes like a cat.  It comes to us from the small time brewery of Brasserie Du Larzac, which produces three beers; Devez, Rajal and our specimen here: La Blaque.  Despite its name, and title as a Brune/brown beer, La Blaque is actually quite light bodied although it is filled with the flavors of that of a porter-burned barley.  Consumed from the bottle I found it quite intriguing to the nose upon opening, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of texture, flavor and depth of body-a possible explanation for its meek 5%abv rating.  I was unable to find any examples of this beers brethren in any local markets so can not speak freely on whether they are a better choice-all do have the same 5%abv rating though.  Leave the beer to the Belgians-stick to your wine France.  And visit Millau for the bridge, not the beer.  Although I was surprised by another beer to be reviewed this week…

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