Beer A Day: Chimay Triple Trappistes

Chimay is definitely the first Trappist beer I ever tried.  Widely available in the US in its Red and Blue Cap styles, it comes from the Abbeye de Scourmont in Chimay, Belgium.

Chimay Triple-perfection.

Chimay Triple:  8%abv Suggested serving temperature 6-8C 43-46F.

Not only do the monks of Scourmont produce one of the finest fermented beverages on the planet, they are also renowned for the cheese that accompanies these brews.  The Chimay à la Bière is the particular favorite amongst beer drinkers, as it is actually washed in beer!

As far as the beer goes, I am not as familiar with the white/triple as I am with its brethren.  Although how could it disappoint with family members like those?  I am greeted with the fine sound of mild carbonation reaching to be freed from its bottle captor.  Immediately you see the cloudiness within the beer as the yeast is released with this carbonation.  A cloudy golden brown followed by a frothy, beige colored head.  I am excited.  Sweet smells of caramel and vanilla fill the senses.  These aromas are spot-on upon first sip as well.  Rich, bold flavors of caramel and hops reach deep into the palate.  As far as beer drinking goes, it does not get much better than this.  One of the greatest things about Chimay beers is their availability in 750ml bottles as well as the standard 33ml bottle.  Why not share the experience and get a bigger bottle that can be stored for up to four years from its production date.  You never know when it might come in handy.

I am afraid that I failed in being able to provide you any further posts this week but will return from my vacation with stories of grandeur and hopefully some French beer experiences.



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2 Responses to Beer A Day: Chimay Triple Trappistes

  1. a thirsty dude says:

    Damn 33ml bottles always leave me thirsty

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