Beer A Day: Tongerlo Brune

Something of a mystery to me before seeing it in the store.

Tongerlo Brune 6,5

Tongerlo Brune:  6.7%abv Suggested serving temperature 10C 50F-a bit warm for such a dark beer, personally.

Brewed by Haacht Brewery, Tongerlo Brune 6,5 is one of their many diverse beers.  Considered an Abbey beer because it was originally brewed by the Norbertin monks of Tongerlo Abbey-who now approve the more commercial production.  Upon opening there is quite a release of gas-thus the thin but frothy head produced once poured.  Head dissipates quickly leaving a rich, dark amber-colored beer in the glass.  Overtones of sweetness and fruit upon sniff test.  Would prefer if there were a lasting head with a beer like this.  A slight bitterness accompanies the sweet, lightly carbonated beer, along with a slight spiciness at the end of each sip.  Fairly light tasting-a bit of trickery from the beers dark caramel appearance.  I would not consider it a disappointment, as I had no idea what to expect.  A mild Belgian I suppose.

I am still looking forward to hearing from the few readers I might have-suggestions and places to get special beers are definitely needed.


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