Beer A Day: Vedett Extra Blond

You see it around, but you may not pay any attention to the signage for this one.  Another from the Duvel Moortgat group of beers.

Vedett and company

Vedett Extra Blond:  5.2%abv  Suggested serving temperature  3C 37F-niccccce n’ cold.

The fact the beer has the french suffix –ett(e) (meaning small/feminine) in it should indicate the “lightness” of it.  It is one of two varieties, the other being the Extra White.  So they are nice beers for a warm afternoon, as I discovered recently.  When ordered at the pub it comes with a flute like glass, which to me automatically says there will be none or little head (maybe I poured it too slow?)  The look of the beer is quite a pale yellow, very clear.  Very light when tasted-lowest alcohol content reviewed thus far.  No overwhelming flavors to pick out-possibly some barley as with many Belgian Lagers.  I quickly consumed one and ordered another as I sat outside a row of brasserie type establishments watching people walk by in the hot afternoon sun.  For this purpose I think I chose wisely, as there were many people ordering Corona and other very light lagers on this very hot and humid day.  Light alcohol, light flavor and maybe a light buzz after my second-I was quite dehydrated for sure.  I can imagine these coming in a box not unlike that of Red Stripe and being served at an afternoon barbecue.  Enjoy.  Oh yeah, sweet website as well:


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