Beer A Day: Maredsous Triple 10

This is another of the famous Abbey beers from Belgium.  Maredsous comes in a variety of strength options.

Maredsous Triple 10

Maredsous Triple 10:  10%abv Suggested serving temperature 6-10C 42-50F.

I sought out this beer because last time in Belgium I recall enjoying the Maredsous 6 (Blonde beer) and the Maredsous 8 (Brown beer).  While searching for it I was taken by surprise that the label has changed as recently as four-years ago, that or the one I had last time was quite a bit older?  This time I thought I would go for the high gravity 10.  As with most Abbey beers it is meant to be served in a tulip glass, like the of the Rochefort 8 previously reviewed.  When poured properly this beer has quite a nice, medium thickness head and dark amber color.  Initial senses tell me it is yeasty and that there is a definite presence of alcohol.  Taste does not yield the same result, it is lighter and only slightly carbonated-most of it must have gone to the head, as it stays with the beer throughout.  The alcohol presence is always lingering in the after taste of every sip.  It is a hearty beer meant for an afternoon of salami, cheese and olives-aperitif, in French, something you consume pre-dinner time.  Although filling in body it does lack the flavors I look for in the fuller beer types.  Available on tap it may, as I have never had, yield better results-something for me to revisit and update you all on.

Don’t discount it-give it a go, it’s worth the light buzz after just one.


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4 Responses to Beer A Day: Maredsous Triple 10

  1. slaven says:

    Mmmm, nice! Check out for some independent belgian brewers, too! And launch some lambic observations. What do you think about that Gauloise blonde from Du Bocq? I’m interested if my english translation is ok…

    • Thanks for the heads up, it is not a beer that I have tried yet, but is now on the list. I am definitely looking forward to a week dedicated to the sweeter framboise, kriek and lambic beers. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Nima says:

    Thanks for the backround info! I just started at a new job and we have this on draft.

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