Beer A Day: Palm Royal Pale Ale

Big beer company in a small country, Palm brews a variety of types and flavors, while maintaining their autonomy from the larger international companies.

Palm Royal-no cheese.

Palm Royal:  7.5%abv  Suggested serving temperature 6-8C 43-46F.

My first response would be smells of hops-as most pale ales should.  When poured you get a light, frothy head which dissipates quickly while leaving a film on the glass.  A bronze, opaque yellow-almost amber like-appearance.  Overtones of hops with alight bubbly carbonation.  Unfortunately I can taste the bottle in this beer, as with cans and the aluminum flavor left with some beers.  Not a light beer, neither is it overly heavy, hoppy beers tend to have a certain heaviness with them-more grain used.  Certainly an airy beer that should, perhaps, be sipped more slowly-large gulps seem to create air in the stomach.  Visiting the website you can get a very interactive experience about the family brewery and the beers on offer.  I would never turn down such a brewery tour experience.  I should try this one on tap.


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