Beer A Day: Ciney Blonde

A beer that I have continually seen throughout Belgium but never been excited enough to try.

Ciney Blonde

Ciney Blonde:  7%abv Suggested serving temperature nice and cold!

Initial look is clear, light-golden yellow.  Little head to begin with but a light froth sticks with the beer til the end.  Aromas of yeast and sweet malt occur on pouring.  A nice carbonation level of soft light bubbles with a slight hopiness.  A very crisp beer with light taste and a dry after effect.  A beer that you could drink a few of and not think about it as far as I’m concerned.  Enjoyable but not overly so.  I guess I will have to do as the locals the next time I see a brasserie filled with signs and patio umbrellas advertising this beer; drink it.  The best part of the pubs here is that when you order a beer you are served a small-or large, depending on your group size-side of peanuts, crackers or olives-always depending on your beverage type.  Also expect to pay upon receiving your drinks, whether at the bar or relaxing outdoors.  A beer produced by Demarche Brewery for Alken-Maes Brewing in Waarloos, Belgium-so it still has some small business roots as opposed to the larger companies as InBev and Carlsberg.  Give it a go if you have a chance a refreshing brew,  to say the least.


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