Beer A Day: Duvel

A “tour de force” of Belgian beers-as described by its brewers.  This is one of Belgium’s finest exports-whether it be beer, chocolate or Jean Claude Van Damme.

Duvel perfection.

Duvel:  8.5%abv Suggested serving temperature 6C 43F.

This may be one of the first Belgian beers I had come across in America.  I remember the distinct glass it came in and the sense that there was something special about it.  When opened you best be sure you hadn’t shaken the bottle even a little-thar she blows.  A heavily carbonated, bottle-re-fermented, double hopped beer.  When poured into said special chalice, you will notice that the bubbles dissipate quickly leaving a thin but heavy coat of head throughout the lifespan of the beer.  Don’t forget the fruity yeastiness of this brew either, it can easily be overshadowed by the carbonation-especially since this is a beer served well chilled.  I would say this is a drier brew as well, as it does not coat your mouth as other malty ales do.  Brewed by Duvel Moortgat, which is still family owned and operated, Duvel is the signature beer in a line-up of a dozen other Belgian styles.  Don’t just take my word for it, check out BOTH of the websites dedicated to beer and brewer: and an interesting, yet professional layout.  While you’re at it get some and pour it into an available wide mouthed glass for better drinking experience.


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