Beer A Day: Kasteel Donker 11

If the name alone doesn’t scare off the women and children the richness and texture sure will.

All that is man-Kasteel Donker 11.

This is a man’s beer.

Kasteel Donker 11:  11%abv-YES 11% Suggested serving temperature 12C 54F.

If I’ve caught your attention it is because this beer is every bit of what I have said it is and more.  Once opened you are treated to a dark, rich maltiness as well as a dank sweetness.  When poured into a glass there is a cascade of dark, rich beer followed by a soft, light head that dissipates quickly.  It almost looks as though you have a glass of cola.  Let that be the last comparison to anything without alcohol-because it is readily present in the smell alone.  So once tasted for the first time you are ambushed by a complex yield of flavor and texture.  It is a beer that’s warmth sticks with you throughout it’s consumption and beyond.  This one is for those cold winter nights spent around the fire place, possibly while tearing flesh from the bones of some prey freshly hunted.  Yes it may seem gruesome but after consuming this I can’t help but feel like I have consumed a bit of Hades blood.  It is good yet I feel guilty for consuming it for some reason.  It shall pass with tomorrows brew.  This is another of the beers produced by Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck, although far different from it’s infant brother, Brigand, previously reviewed.


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