Beer A Day: Brigand

Another of the “newly discovered” beers for me.  I was attracted to it by its label, that with the figure of a man who looks an awful lot like a particular man with merry thieves…

Brigand-double malted.

Brigand:  9%abv Suggested serving temperature 8C 46F.

Bottled in the typical bell-shaped/stubby-style of many Belgian beers, it is one of many in the line up for Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck.

Upon initial pour it is quite a frothy beer that yields a dense, white head.  Not expecting much of it, I was taken aback by the amount of malt used in the brewing process.  Having then read the bottle more thoroughly, I was informed that both barley malt and wheat malt are used.  I am a fan of malt.  It is quite a foggy golden color with continually rising carbonation.  So as I finish and enjoy every moment of this beer I can’t help but be optimistic for future grocery store ransackings.  Again, I am surprised by this beer as the marketing tactic is not one that you would expect from a Belgian beer company.  Ambushes can happen and I do recommend this beer.  Having consumed more than one at a sitting I can tell you, that at 9%abv, it is not a brew to take lightly-although it is an enjoyable buzz-think Friar Tuck.

Share the wealth.


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