Beer A Day: Omer Traditional Blond

So I went to the grocery store today and stocked up for a few days of tastings.  Amongst these beers was Omer Traditional Blond, one I had not seen or heard anything about, although I rarely go to the grocery store and browse the beer aisle-I know what I like.

Omer Traditional Blond

Omer Traditional Blond: 8%abv Recommended serving temperature 6-8C 43-46F.

Upon opening the bottle you are welcomed by the sound of fizzing, having said this, once poured into a glass it immediately fills to the top with a thick white foam.  Highly carbonated.  Once things settle down the beer has a pale, golden-yellow opaqueness about it.  The alcohol content and yeastiness of the beer are there upon first taste.  I am drinking it from the bottle and there are some beers where it feels as though the beer has adopted a bit of its flavor from that processing.  I am not overly enthused about this beer, I am one for second chances and will revisit it in the future.  If you have any thoughts on this beer please let me know.  For after work today I recommend you stick with your go-to beer.  That is all.

Having already written about Grimbergen Blonde, I don’t believe these two beers to be in the same class, as Grimbergen clearly tastes better.


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