Beer A Day: Trappistes Rochefort 8

Having recently guided you in the way of Trappist beers, today I introduce you to Abbey St-Remy, Rochefort Brewery.  In all this brewery produces a line of three Trappists; Rochefort 6,8 &10.

Rochefort 8 and its accompaniment

Rochefort 8: 9.2%abv Suggested serving temperature 12-14C 53-57F.  Considered a strong dark ale.

This beer is one of Orvals main rivals in the bid for top Trappist in the Belgian market.  When first poured from the bottle you will see that the beer has a dark, syrupy look to it.  The head, if poured correctly, should be “a massive 3-finger tan head”, according to one fan of the beer on  I do find it quite an interesting contrast of colors when first entering the glass.  As far as aroma goes, there is a heavy presence of dried fruit; plums, citrus etc.  When first tasted you are introduced to the heavily carbonated, caramel flavors of the beer.  Let it sit on your tongue a bit longer and you will notice more of a dry wine body-although the carbonation will stick along for the ride down.  I find this beer to be the proper mix of strength and taste for a Trappist, as some you are left with an overbearing taste of alcohol-those with 10-12% abv.  When purchased at a pub, as it was today, it will be accompanied by soft white cheese, not unlike cheddar.  Together it is nearly a meal in itself.  So have a stroll by the river, a seat at your local brasserie and order a Rochefort 8.


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