Beer A Day: Grimbergen Blonde

So this is the first of my Beer A Day posts.  I have chosen to do such a task for you, the readers.  I am sacrificing my own sobriety  to bring you my experiences with the various Belgian beers I drink while in the land of malt and hops.

Grimbergen Blonde

Grimbergen Blonde

Grimbergen Blonde: 6.7%abv. Suggested serving temperature 10C or 50F. I prefer a beer like this quite cool where as some of the other heavier malted beers I prefer slightly warmer so as to get the full flavor out of the beer.  It’s Blonde name comes from the light barley and the added wheat.  As you drink this beer it leaves a bit of the wheat undertones on your tongue.  Traditionally served with a light white cheese when ordered at any Brasserie/pub in Belgium, it is a warm afternoon, post-work beer.

Grimbergen<<Ardet Nec Consumitur>> is one of the special Abbey beers you will find amongst the country side in northern Belgium.  Although no longer brewed by the abbey, it began its life in 1128AD, amongst the Monks of Grimbergen.  Now owned and brewed by Alken Maes, who in turn is owned by Carlsberg/Heineken.  But the original recipe is claimed to be the same.

They have a most excellent website not to be missed, although it is only offered in Dutch or French, but you can get the jest of it from the well designed site and the dramatic music.

Kick back and enjoy.


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4 Responses to Beer A Day: Grimbergen Blonde

  1. Rob Norville says:

    Mmmm…Beer. Good idea coming up with yet another excuse to drink beer. If I could ever find good beer when I’m in Argentina I might feel compelled to write about it as well. Keep on living the dream,


  2. slaven says:

    I’m surprised to see they changed the label. A good choice, anyway! That Jupiler still exists?

    • Yeah, Jupiler is like the “Budweiser” of Belgium, cheap and offered in 5 different container sizes. The major difference is that it is highly drinkable from the tap. Thanks for reading.

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